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Get to know me

Hi guys, welcome to my blog! My name is Joanne. I was born In Montreal, Canada, and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. Attended Florida...

1 Year update in Montreal

This month marks my one-year anniversary of living in Montreal, Canada. I can’t believe I’ve been here for an entire year! I never...

My mental health goals

My goals are to aid people with anxiety, anger, depression, and phobias. During the pandemic, I educated myself on learning about...

Improve your anxiety now

Be selfish. I’m serious be selfish. Take time to take care of you. It is sane to treat yourself. I do not mean to blow your money on...

What anxiety has taught me

No matter how close to home anxiety hits, there is always a lie hiding in it somewhere. These unfavorable ideas of death or whatever that...

My Anxiety Symptoms

Feeling dizziness Chest pain Heart Palpations/increased heart rate Excessive worrying Difficulty concentrating Fearfulness Unable to hold...


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