1 Year update in Montreal

This month marks my one-year anniversary of living in Montreal, Canada. I can’t believe I’ve been here for an entire year! I never thought I’d be living in Montreal, but now that I’m here, it feels like I’m exactly where I should have been a long time ago. As I reminisce on the last year of my life, looking around my apartment I know one thing for sure:

I found myself.

Do you know how good it feels when you found your inner self? I feel that I have so much weight off my shoulders. I feel home at last. I am at peace. I’m thankful for the new life I’ve built here. I'm thankful for finding the love of my life, Guillaume! There will always be pros and cons to every place you live, but I’ve made a huge effort over the last 12 months to make this place feel like home. I’ve put time and effort into building a comfortable life. I’ve put myself out there and invested my time and energy in enrolling in a French school. and learning about starting my own business! Stay tuned for that thread!

I’ve continued to work hard to build my career in the beauty industry while balancing it out with a fulfilling personal life, and I’ve deepened my relationship and bond with the Lord. I feel so content…who would’ve thought of moving to Montreal on my own would bring so much peace and balance into my life?! Despite its reputation for being a bilingual city, Montreal is one of the most diverse places in the world. Although it is rated as the second-largest amount of restaurants per capita in Canada. there’s a never-ending list of reasons why it captures so many hearts. Now that a year has passed, I can say that moving here has truly helped me grow both personally and professionally in so many ways.

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