Getting big bucks for you as a homesteader

Do you have a picturesque view of a moutain, lake, or anything that will take people's breathe away? Keep scrolling for innoventive and cool ideas to help you get residual income!

  1. Do you have goats? Believe it or not but doing yoga with goats is a thing!

  2. Are you a master at gardening? -Invite people to your land to learn the best tools, tricks, and tips.

  3. Offer a gardening club-get people to learn how to live a sustanability of life.

  4. For those who doesn't have animals on land-rent your house out on Airbnb- you will be amaze on how fast you will get bookings.

  5. Is your farmhouse tidy and well managed?- Rent your acre, barn, stable, for a beautiful outdoor country chic wedding, or a venue. I smell ca-ching!

  6. Create a flyer for apple picking! For a small fee many families will be lining up on your orchard or land.

  7. Create a beautiful pumpkin patch area in the fall. -A lot of families and kids love to do these activities and most of all take family photos.

  8. Create a master class on how to harvest and make preserves.

  9. Create a pick it and keep it extraganza -allow people to harvest their own fruits and veggies for a small fee.

  10. Are you a florist!? Are you a self procalimed herbal - make and sell homemade teas from flowers.

  11. Ever thought about turning your home or a tiny house on your property into a bed and breakfast? - allow your visitors get an understanding and appreciate the homestead life.

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