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Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Be selfish. I’m serious be selfish. Take time to take care of you. It is sane to treat yourself. I do not mean to blow your money on shopping. Schedule an appointment to get a massage, take a moment out your day to paint your fingernails or toenails. Practice yoga, listen to music, dance to your favorite songs. There are so many options you can choose from. Stepping back from the problem helps clear your head.

Improve your eating habits. Learn to cook healthier meals. Add more proteins and fewer carbs into your regimes. I am currently interested in vegan or keto diets. I want to lose weight to boost my self-esteem. Limit alcohol and caffeine, which can aggravate anxiety and trigger panic attacks. Those that are on medications I strongly suggest not to drink.

Create a sleep schedule. When stressed, your body needs additional beauty sleep and rest to heal itself. If you’re a night owl like me, read a book before bedtime. Do not spend hours on your phone or TV. Doing that will establish more energy for your brain to keep you up.

Workout daily to help you feel good and maintain your health. If you’re unable to do yoga or look into stretching exercises. You don’t need to join a gym. Walking around the block does the body well.

Breathing styles. Search for Kumbhaka respiration techniques and slow deep breaths when you are anxious. It helps decelerate your heart rate and redirects your brain to focus on breathing.

Count to 10 slowly. Repeat this often. I get very agitated when my anxiety comes on. I count to down and then move around. I have tendencies to scratch myself. So, each time I count to 10 slowly I move or scratch myself until I feel calm.

Accept your mental health condition. You are not ALONE. There are millions of people who have an anxiety disorder. Give yourself a break. The better you learn about your situation the easier it is for you to manage it.

Comedy hour. Listen to humor. Who doesn’t like to laugh? Kevin’s Hart stand up jocularity is hilarious. Re-watch some sitcom examples: Friends, The office, I can go on and on. I honestly enjoy watching childhood movies on Disney Plus.

Positive Affirmations. Make an effort not to be so hard on yourself. You will good days and bad days just like anyone else. Stay optimistic and get in the habit of telling yourself three positive affirmations before you start your day.

Learn what triggers your anxiety. Is it working, family, significant other, school, COVID-19, or something else you can identify? Write in a journal when you’re sensing stressed or nervous, and look for a pattern. That is your breakthrough!

Talk to somebody you can trust. Tell friends and relatives you’re feeling overwhelmed, and let them know how they can help you. Address your concerns to a physician or therapist for professional help.

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