11 things you should not to say to someone who has anxiety

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Anxiety disorders can be fully misunderstood by individuals who have not experienced it themselves or that lack knowledge of the mental illness. There are many blogs and medical websites that go into full details about anxiety disorders but when I read these articles, I feel as if they are not describing the things I have experienced and the emotions I dealt with. I am still trying to figure out how to understand my anxiety. Since mine happens out of nowhere. But I may have some ideas on where it may have brewed from.

I have talked to professionals and they all seemed to tell me that feeling anxious or having anxiety is a natural human response. It is your brain trying to tell you that there is something that is “overloading your brain”. What many people failed to understand is feeling anxious is not the same as having an anxiety disorder. Struggling with an anxiety disorder can be traumatizing, frightening, and most importantly it can be paralyzing.

Have you at any time seen somebody having a panic attack? Maybe you, yourself, have experienced it. It is the most fearful thing to ever deal with. Heart racing, heart pounding, losing control of your body, breathing difficulties, to sum it all it feels as if you’re dying! My anxiety has manifested into me being afraid to go outside for walks, exercising (which I love), driving, getting into the car, and sitting as a passenger in a vechile, doing day-to-day things. There’s so much! I can go on and on but we will save that for another blog.


There is so much depth in anxiety disorder. Most of the time, we know that what’s happening to us is anxiety. So although though you might mean well or think that’s what we need to hear, please see the list below on what you shouldn’t say to someone who has an anxiety disorder:

1. Here you go again (eye roll).

2. Calm down

3. Everything is will be fine.

4. Just get over it

5. Stop overreacting out, you’re fine!

6. It’s all in your head

7. Just breathe and it will go away!

8. Pull yourself together!

9. Just relax!

10. Smoke some weed!

11. Drink Alcohol

Trust us, if it were that easy, we would have done it already!

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