How I improved my mental health

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

· Be True to you. Go easy on yourself if you are experiencing more depression or anxiety than usual. Start out your day with positive affirmations. Mine is: I am well, I am brave, I am courageous, and I am at peace.

· Daily routine. Even if you are stuck at home, try to come up with a regular schedule. I got into Yoga that I do in the morning and before bed. Look up new recipes you want to try. If you have a dog, take your dog out on longer walks than usual. My secret weapon is mediation and tapping daily. I do this often to break the thought process. This can help you maintain a sense of normalcy.

· Do the activities you enjoy. Read a good book- I am currently reading The Charisma Myth. Watch a comedy! Laughter is what we need! I am watching The community, and two broke girls on amazon prime. I am not much of a board game player, but I suggest playing a fun board. Who does not like playing Monopoly? Are you a gamer? Bring out your PS4, Nintendo Game Cube to name a few, and get back into the gaming. Get into arts & crafts. Make origami, there are plenty of YouTube videos that you can watch. It does not matter what you do if it takes you out of that anxious space.

· Be in nature, if possible. Sunshine and fresh air do a body good. Even a walk around your neighborhood can make you feel better. Follow the social distancing rules or regulations and wear a mask. I recently started doing is taking pictures of nature. Don’t have a camera? No problem! Use your phone and take pictures of the beautiful scenery. Depending on the images, you can edit them to your liking and use it as a desktop background, you can frame your best shots and hang it in your house. The sky’s the limit. Get creative!

· Mindfulnes. Staying active will help you release anxiety, relieve stress, and manage your mood. While the gyms and group classes are closed. Get into rollerblading if you have a bicycle go around the block. Depending on where you live, go for a small hike. If you are stuck at home, look online for exercise videos you can follow. There are many things you can do even without equipment, such as Yoga, Pilates, and low-impact workouts.

· Avoid self-medicating. Be careful that you are not using alcohol or other substances to deal with anxiety or depression. If you tend to overdo it in the best of times, it may be a good idea to avoid it for now. If your anxiety is getting out of the hand, please seek professional help. · Find your quiet time. When stressors throw your nervous system out of balance, relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, tapping and, yoga can bring you back into a state of calmness. The regular practice delivers the greatest benefits, such as improving sleep schedule, mood enhancement, and easing depression and anxiety.

Source:  adapted from Help Guide

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