What anxiety has taught me

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

No matter how close to home anxiety hits, there is always a lie hiding in it somewhere. These unfavorable ideas of death or whatever that scare you about anxiety is based on a false ideology. Challenge your imaginations if you don't believe me. Maybe these negative notions are our real fears of what is scaring us. These are just thoughts; they're not real. I have been working with a psychologist for a month now and she states, ‘'Anxiety can't kill you. The emotions and the body highs you're feeling is your own body’s natural way of keeping you alive".

As hard as it sounds, anxiety often—always—contains a lie. Regardless if it’s in your face or you sense a tingling emotion that onset of anxiety is coming on, investigate it deeply and write down your thoughts, your sensations, and be completely honest about it. For example, when I have a panic attack, I think I am dying. How realistic is that? I have been to the ER and have done ECG and blood tests confirming that I am healthy. So, you see how impractical that is to think that you’re going to die?

One of the most powerful tools I have gained working with a therapist on anxiety is learning to look for the lie. It is difficult at first; we must sit with our anxiety and pick it apart. Even I sometimes struggle with this because it brings on some emotions. In time, you will get the hang of it and discover the triggers that cause this.

And when we find those triggers, we can really begin to free ourselves. I describe my anxiety as a leech, Anxiety requires a hook on to our bodies and swallows the life out of us. The disorder is hungry, and it needs to feed on us constantly. By discovering the lie and taking their parasitic teeth away, we remove the panic power over us. In Modern existence – most of the time illogical. There’s good reason to be anxious.

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